bullet Sarah(1) (2) was born about 1655. She has reference number HKFG-29.

Children were: David HUSTED, Sarah HUSTED.

bulletSarah (1)(2) .

bulletSarah (1)(2) was born in 1843 in , , Missouri.

Children were: T. J. HISE, S. E. HISE, M. E. HISE.

bulletSarah (1)(2) .

bulletSarah (1)(2) was born in 1852. She died in 1917. She was buried in , Knox, Indiana. bur. McCoy Cemetery #1

bulletSarah (1)(2) . was maiden name "PACE" ?

Children were: John HITT II, Elias HITT, Lazarus HITT, Charles HITT.

bulletSarah (1)(2) .

Children were: Elijah HITT, Nathan HITT, John HITT III, James HITT, Sarah HITT, Jesse HITT, William HITT, Stephen HITT, Susannah (Rosanna?) HITT, Elizabeth HITT.

bulletSarah "Sally"(1) (2). born 1798 ?

stayed (with son, Enoch) in Davidson Co., NC when Henry moved to IL

who are Daniel (born Sep 1828; m1 - Catherine GRESON; m2 - Susan BECK) BRIGGS
and Phoebe (born 2 Jan 1831; m - Commodore D. HEDRICK) BRIGGS

Children were: Oliver JOHNSON.

Children were: John Lenard BRIGGS, Philip R. BRIGGS, William BRIGGS, Matilda BRIGGS, Enoch BRIGGS, Solomon BRIGGS, Richard M. BRIGGS, Martha BRIGGS, Thomas J. BRIGGS, Polly BRIGGS.

bulletSarah A.(1)(2) was born on 12 Jun 1805 in , , Tennessee. She died on 1 Apr 1877 in , Warren, Kentucky. She was buried in , Warren, Kentucky. She has reference number 79. bur.Burton Memorial Church Cemetery (on Cemetery Pike, abt. 4 m. SE of Bowling
Green, KY)

Children were: Charlotte "Lottie" RECTOR.

bulletSarah Ann(1) (2) was born about 1827.

She was married to Job TEVEBAUGH about 1849 in , Ozark, Missouri. Children were: Mary TEVEBAUGH, Ann E. TEVEBAUGH.

bullet Sarah E.(1)(2) came to Fulton Co., IL from Fayette Co., OH in 1873

Children were: Chloe ROSS.

bulletSarah W..

She was married to Jesse Woodson ALVIS about 1832 in Indiana.

bullet Sena (1)(2) was born on 17 Mar 1856.

Children were: Thomas Edgar PERRY, Pearl Ella PERRY, James P. PERRY.

bulletSharon (1)(2) .

Children were: Angela Renea STAMPE.

bulletSusan (1)(2) . was maiden name SINCLAIR?

Children were: Jacob WEAVER, James WEAVER, Anne Elizabeth WEAVER, Elizabeth WEAVER, Tillman WEAVER, John WEAVER, Samuel WEAVER, William WEAVER, Joseph WEAVER, Susannah WEAVER, Mary WEAVER, Charity WEAVER.

bulletSusana (1)(2) .

Children were: Elizabeth FLOYD.

bulletSusannah (1)(2) .

She was married to Daniel TEVEBAUGH about 1768 in , Hampshire, Virginia. Children were: Daniel TEVEBAUGH II, Jacob TEVEBAUGH, Solomon TEVEBAUGH, John TEVEBAUGH, George TEVEBAUGH.

bullet Susannah (1)(2) has reference number 3979.

Children were: ROBINSON.

bulletSusannah (1)(2) .

bulletTabitha (1)(2) .

Children were: Levi ESLICK, Francis ESLICK.

bulletTammy .

bulletTeresa Jane(1) (2).

Children were: George BRIGGS, Joseph L. BRIGGS, Olive BRIGGS , Aldo BRIGGS, Gertrude BRIGGS , Jeanie BRIGGS.

bulletTommy (Private).

Children were: John KING.

Children were: Brian Eric FAUBION II.

bulletTreina (1)(2) has reference number 39969. "Treina" English equivalent = "Cathrina"

She was married to Theiss FISCHBACH about 1540. Children were: Peter FISCHBACH, Magdalena FISCHBACH, FISCHBACH, Theiss FISCHBACH II, Johann FISCHBACH, Wilhelm FISCHBACH, Johann FISCHBACH.

bullet Unknown

She was married to Ronald James CASTELNUOVO in 1967.

bullet Unknown

He was married to Clara ROSSO. Children were: Unknown.

bullet Unknown Parents: Unknown and Clara ROSSO.

bullet Unknown

He was married to Antoinetta TROIA in Italy. Children were: Natalia.

bullet Unknown Parents: Michelle and James Enrico POMATTO.

bullet Unknown Parents: Michelle and James Enrico POMATTO.

bullet Unknown Parents: Michelle and James Enrico POMATTO.

bullet Unknown was baptized on 20 Nov 1955 in St. Catherine's Church, Leechburg, PA. He was Agnes says Christine has 2 daughters, 1 grandson. One daughter lives in Texas, has paratrooper boyfr in Aug 1997.

He was married to Christine Ann MASSIMINO. Children were: Unknown , Unknown.

bullet Unknown Parents: Unknown and Christine Ann MASSIMINO.

bullet Unknown Parents: Unknown and Christine Ann MASSIMINO.

bullet Unknown

She was married to Robert Paul POMATTO. Children were: Christina POMATTO, Robert POMATTO.

bullet Unknown

She was married to H. BROWN. Children were: Marsha Ellen BROWN.

bullet unknown (1)(2)

bulletunknown (1)(2) .

bulletunknown (1)(2) .

bulletunknown (1)(2) has reference number 1937.

Children were: Johann Jacob DIEFFENBACH, Catharina Margaretha DIEFFENBACH .

bulletunknown (1)(2) .

bulletunknown (1)(2) .

bulletunknown (1)(2) . deceased

bulletunknown (1)(2) .

bulletunknown (1)(2) .

bulletunknown (1)(2) .

Children were: Ethel FRAY.

bulletunknown (1)(2) was born in , , , Ireland. She has reference number 75. born in Ireland, according to the 1880 census

Children were: Margaret Rena JACKSON.

bulletunknown (1)(2) .

Children were: Arthur LOVELL, Chriatian C. LOVELL.

bulletunknown (1)(2) .

bulletunknown (1)(2) was born in , , , Ireland.

Children were: Louise "Louisa" SMITH.

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