bullet Mary A. was born on 8 Nov 1834. She died on 4 Jan 1910.

Children were: Cicero Harvey BYERLY.

bulletMary A.(1)(2) was born in Aug 1837. She died on 12 Apr 1911 in Nevada, Vernon, Missouri.

bulletMary A.(1)(2) .

bulletMary Ann(1) (2).

Children were: PARKE, PARKE, PARKE, PARKE .

bulletMary Belle(1) (2).

Children were: Vernon BRIGGS, Wayne BRIGGS.

bulletMary E.(1)(2) was born in Apr 1875. She died in Oct 1901. She was buried in Nevada, Vernon, Missouri. bur.Marvin Chapel

Children were: Ernest STOKESBERRY.

bulletMary Elizabeth was born in 1708 in Germany. She died in 1781 in Lexington, Rowan Co. North Carolina. She was buried in 1781 in Beck's Cemetery, Davidson Co., NC.(4) Jacob Beirer anno 1771 and Maria his wife 1781
Beck's Churchyard She has Ancestral File number 10H0-L9.

She was married to John Jacob BYERLY I in 1728/29 in Tambour, Germany. Children were: John Martin BYERLY, Phillip BYERLY, John Jacob BYERLY Sr., John David BYERLY, Mary Catherine BYERLY, Maria Barbara BYERLY.

bullet Mary J.(1)(2) was born on 14 Aug 1832. She died on 20 Jan 1918. She was buried in Harrison Twp., Knox, Indiana. bur.Hamline Chapel Cemetery

bulletMary J.(1)(2) .

bulletMatilda (1)(2) .

bulletMaude (1)(2) . divorced Sep 1941

She was married to Chesley G. HORNBUCKLE on 20 Jun 1940 in Colorado Springs, , Colorado. She was divorced from Chesley G. HORNBUCKLE.

bullet May (1)(2)

bulletMelissa (1)(2) .

bulletMerga (1)(2) . "Merga" English equivalent = "Maria"

Children were: Henrich STUELL.

bulletMichelle .

He was married to James Enrico POMATTO. Children were: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.

bullet Miguelita (Private).

Children were: Lilibeth DOGLIONE, Ann-Margaret DOGLIONE.

bulletMinnie (1)(2) .

bulletMinnie B.(1)(2) was born in Sep 1866 in , , Missouri. father b.in OH; mother b.in IN (1900 census)

married 8 years (1900 census)

She was married to John Owen FRIZELLE in 1892. Children were: Elizabeth G. FRIZELLE, Earl R. FRIZELLE.

bullet Nancy (1)(2) was born about 1825.

Children were: John W. DAFFRON, William T. DAFFRON, G. J. DAFFRON, Green B. DAFFRON, Laura DAFFRON.

bulletNancy (1)(2) was buried in , Licking, Ohio.

bulletNancy A.(1)(2) was born about 1862 in , , Missouri.

Children were: Claracy ESLICK.

bulletNatalia . Parents: Unknown and Antoinetta TROIA.

bulletNessa (1)(2) has reference number 79937. "Nessa" English equivalent = "Agnes"


bulletNettie (1)(2) died between 1960 and 1965.

Children were: Cecille HORNBUCKLE, Uria HORNBUCKLE.

bulletNorma .

She was married to Richard Denys QUERIO after 1966.

bullet O'Dessa (1)(2)

Children were: Wilburn CLINE, Della Mae CLINE, Carter CLINE.

bulletOlene (1)(2) .

Children were: PARKER, Marcalee PARKER, Vee PARKER.

bulletOlive (1)(2) was born in , Yorkshire, , England. She died in Hopewell Twp., Hunterdon, New Jersey. She has reference number 3969. mother's name is listed in the burlington Book of Births,Deaths and
Marriages,1677-1777 (now at Haverford College)

She was married to Andrew SMITH about 1650. Children were: Thomas SMITH, Elizabeth SMITH, Mary SMITH, Hannah SMITH, Andrew SMITH II, Sarah SMITH.

bullet Ottilia (1)(2) has reference number 4995.

She was married to Hermann BECKER in 1637. Children were: Anna Catharina BECKER.

bullet Ottilia (1)(2)

Children were: Elsabeth STUELL, Gela STUELL.

bulletPam (1)(2) .

bulletPat (1)(2) .

Children were: Benjamin Currier CLINE .

bulletPauline (1)(2) . died with cancer

Children were: Roger Allen HUCKABY, Nancy "Denny_Lea" HUCKABY .

bulletPeggie .

She was married to Giovanni TROIA.

bullet Peggy

She was divorced from William Ronald LAKE.

bullet Percilla E.(1)(2) was born on 25 Feb 1852. She died on 2 Sep 1899.

Children were: Nancy Julia "Nanny" PERRY.

bulletPhebe (1)(2) died before 31 Dec 1782. She has reference number 361.

Children were: Silas PURDY, Peter PURDY II, Jane PURDY, William PURDY, Stephen PURDY, Phebe PURDY.

bulletRachel (1)(2) .

bulletRachel (1)(2) was born on 26 Oct 1723. was her maiden name MOSELY? (a sister of Rev. Richard MOSELY of Litchfield, CT)

She was married to Andrew PARKE about 1760. Children were: John PARKE , Samuel PARKE, Sarah PARKE , Ruth PARKE, Hannah PARKE , Rachel PARKE, Amos PARKE .

bullet Rachel (1)(2)

Children were: Aletha BELT.

bulletRickey (1)(2) died in 1879. aged 30 at time of death

Children were: Myrtle MUSHANEY.

bulletRobert (1)(2) . Parents: Anna Mae MOORE.

bulletRoland .

bulletRosamund "Fanny"(1) (2).

bulletRuby (1)(2) .

bulletRuby (1)(2) .

She was married to Lawrence SNYDER in Denver, Denver, Colorado. Children were: Thomas PRIEFERT .

bullet Ruth (1)(2) was born in , , , England. She has reference number 993.

Children were: Thomas SMITH III, John SMITH, James SMITH.

bulletRuth (1)(2) has reference number 8MH7-2F. died in England?

She was married to John HOYT on 2 Dec 1612 in Dorchester, Dorset, , England. Children were: Thomas HOYT, Simon HOYT .

bullet Sally (1)(2)

Children were: Gordon ESLICK.

bulletSally (1)(2) .

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