bullet Jeanne M. BARTELS (Private).

bulletElizabeth BARTLETT(1) (2) was born in 1753. She has reference number 251. Parents: Thomas BARTLETT and Anne.

Children were: Elizabeth ASBERRY.

bulletThomas BARTLETT(1) (2) was born in 1730 in , Fauquier, Virginia. He died in 1806 in , Harrison, Virginia. He has reference number 502.

Children were: Elizabeth BARTLETT.

bulletEliza BARTON(1) (2).

bulletJohn V. BARTON.

Children were: Johnny Lou BARTON , Mary Frances BARTON.

bulletJohnny Lou BARTON. Parents: John V. BARTON and Lucille BLASINGAME.

bulletMary Frances BARTON. Parents: John V. BARTON and Lucille BLASINGAME.

bulletNeva Rebecca BARY (Private).

Children were: Elmer Ray GARDNER, Juanita Kay GARDNER, Albert Leroy GARDNER, Carl Max GARDNER.

bulletDavid Wyatt BASS(1) (2) was born on 14 Jan 1877 in Milford, Barton, Missouri. He died on 27 Dec 1969 in Aurora, , Missouri. He was buried in Lamar, Barton, Missouri. 1900 census says born Dec 1876

married - Harmony Church

bur.Lake Cemetery Parents: George BASS and Elizabeth.

He was married to Fannie Evalena HUCKABY on 4 Aug 1901 in , Barton, Missouri. Children were: Othel Ray BASS, Seberia MUSTAIN.

bullet Ella BASS(1) (2)

bulletGeorge BASS(1) (2) was born in Jun 1852 in , , Missouri. father b. KY; mother b. MO

He was married to Elizabeth in 1874. Children were: David Wyatt BASS, George G. BASS, M. D. Ramsy BASS.

bullet George G. BASS (Private). Parents: George BASS and Elizabeth.

bullet M. D. Ramsy BASS (Private). Parents: George BASS and Elizabeth.

bullet Othel Ray BASS (Private). Parents: David Wyatt BASS and Fannie Evalena HUCKABY.

He was married to Catherine Rachel STARK on 1 Jun 1944 in Bentonville, Benton, Arkansas.

bullet Anna Jeannine BATEMAN Parents: Bob BATEMAN and Patricia Ann BLASSINGAME.

bullet Bob BATEMAN

Children were: Robert Keith BATEMAN , Anna Jeannine BATEMAN.

bulletRobert Keith BATEMAN. Parents: Bob BATEMAN and Patricia Ann BLASSINGAME.

bulletCharles BATTERFIELD(1) (2). no issue

bulletSusan BAUER(1) (2).

She was married to David Allen MOUL on 25 Nov 1974. Children were: Sarah MOUL.

bullet Brenda Diane BAUGHMAN (Private). Parents: William Harvin BAUGHMAN II and Carol Jean HUCKABY.

bullet Jessica Kathleen BAUGHMAN (Private). Parents: Michael David BAUGHMAN and Marcia Lynn HARRINGTON.

bullet Mark Eugene BAUGHMAN(1) (2) was born on 13 Nov 1860 in Albany, Daugherty, Georgia. Parents: William Harvin BAUGHMAN II and Carol Jean HUCKABY.

Children were: Ryan Taylor BAUGHMAN.

bulletMichael David BAUGHMAN (Private). Parents: William Harvin BAUGHMAN II and Carol Jean HUCKABY.

Children were: Jessica Kathleen BAUGHMAN.

bulletRyan Taylor BAUGHMAN (Private). Parents: Mark Eugene BAUGHMAN and Elizabeth Ann MCGLYNN.

bullet William Harvin BAUGHMAN II (Private). Parents: William Harvin BAUGHMAN and Louise BIRDSONG.

He was married to Carol Jean HUCKABY on 27 Jul 1958 in , Barton, Missouri. He was divorced from Carol Jean HUCKABY. Children were: Michael David BAUGHMAN, Mark Eugene BAUGHMAN , Brenda Diane BAUGHMAN.

bullet William Harvin BAUGHMAN(1) (2)

Children were: William Harvin BAUGHMAN II.

bulletBAXTER (1)(2) .

bulletWilliam E. BBRIGGS(1) (2). Parents: William T. ADAMS.

bulletBarbara BEACH (Private). Parents: Raymond BEACH and Helen Josephine FRITZINGER.

She was married to John PASTOR on 17 Oct 1948. Children were: Miranda Sterrett PASTOR, Gretchen Alexandra PASTOR , Andrew Beach PASTOR.

bullet Patricia BEACH (Private). Parents: Raymond BEACH and Helen Josephine FRITZINGER.

Children were: Barbara FISCHER, Anne FISCHER.

bulletRaymond BEACH(1) (2).

Children were: Barbara BEACH, Patricia BEACH.

bulletMary BEAN(1) (2). divorced 25 Apr 1953

She was married to Louis Edgar "Louie" MUSHANEY on 24 Oct 1952. She was divorced from Louis Edgar "Louie" MUSHANEY.

bullet Enoch Simpson BEARD(1) (2)

bulletMary Elizabeth BEARD(1) (2) was born on 22 Sep 1840 in , McDonough, Illinois. She died on 22 Nov 1926. She was buried in Canton, , Illinois. bur. Greenwood Cemetery

Children were: Calvin Branson LOVELL.

bulletMargaret BEATTY(1) (2).

She was married to Charles Edwin TAYLOR on 5 Sep 1954 in Lamar, Barton, Missouri. Children were: Charla Lee TAYLOR, Richard TAYLOR, Robert TAYLOR.

bullet Betty Lou BEAUDIN (Private).

Children were: Kippen Marshall JACOBSON.

bulletCharity BEAUMONT(1) (2) died before 1728.

She was married to Richard WAIT II on 16 Apr 1713.

She was married to John INGRAM on 16 Apr 1713. Children were: Samuel INGRAM.

bullet Benjamin H. BECHTEL (Private).

bulletBECKER .

bulletBECKER (1)(2) . Parents: William BECKER and FISCHBACH.

bulletAnna Catharina BECKER(1) (2) was christened in 1640 in Trupbach, , , Germany. She died on 5 Jun 1713 in Trupbach, , , Germany. She has reference number 2497. chr.7th Sunday after Trinity
d.aged 72 years Parents: Hermann BECKER and Ottilia.

She was married to Christopher RICHTER about 1665. Children were: Cathrin RICHTER, Johannes RICHTER, Friedrich RICHTER, Johannes RICHTER, Hans Jacob RICHTER, Friedrich RICHTER, Jacob RICHTER, Hans Henrich RICHTER.

bullet Hermann BECKER(1) (2) has reference number 4994. of Trupbach

He was married to Ottilia in 1637. Children were: Anna Catharina BECKER .

bullet Johann Wolf BECKER(1) (2) was born in 1638 in Siegen, , , Germany. He died on 15 Jul 1704 in Siegen, , , Germany.

He was married to Liess HAEGER about 1661.

bullet William BECKER(1) (2)

Children were: BECKER.

bulletWilliam J. BECKER(1) (2).

bulletLucy Rae BECKLEY(1) (2) was born on 3 Apr 1891. She died on 15 Oct 1984.

She was married to Raymond Herbert HUCKABY on 29 Jul 1908.

bullet Elizabeth BECKMAN(1) (2)

bulletChristopher BECRAFT (Private). Parents: Dean BECRAFT and Kay VOXLAND.

bullet Dean BECRAFT (Private). Parents: Robert Walker BECRAFT and Frances King CLINE.

Children were: Christopher BECRAFT.

bulletRobert Walker BECRAFT(1) (2) was born on 7 Apr 1912. He died in Mar 1988.

He was married to Frances King CLINE in 1934. Children were: Dean BECRAFT.

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