bullet Clyde Thomas BURTON was born in 1889. He died in Feb 1981 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., NC. He was buried in Forsyth Memorial Park Cemetery. Parents: William Thomas BURTON and Martha Victoria BYERLY.

He was married to Bessie WALLER on 26 Nov 1913 in Davie County, NC.. Married by CB Carter, JP
Witnesses: Sam Burton, Edna M. Shutt, Florence L. Shutt Children were: Lillian BURTON, Betty Sue BURTON, Elvin BURTON.

bullet Sue (STERRETT)(1) (2) Parents: unknown and Vera STERRETT.

bullet Abigail (1)(2)

bulletAbigail (1)(2) was born about 1800 in , , Indiana. She died in Jan 1860 in , Martin, Indiana.

She was married to Abraham TEVERBAUGH on 29 Dec 1817 in , Daviess, Indiana. Children were: Anna TEVERBAUGH, Melinda TEVERBAUGH, Solomon TEVERBAUGH, Daniel TEVERBAUGH, George W. TEVERBAUGH, Sarah Ellen TEVERBAUGH , Elizabeth TEVERBAUGH.

bulletAdelia Cecelia "Ada"(1) (2) was born about 1906. She died on 23 May 1958. is maiden name "MESSELL" ?

died at 52 years of age

Children were: Burt Theodore "Ted" LANE II, Morris Eugene "Inky" LANE, Lillian Ann LANE, Emma Jane LANE, Linda Sharon LANE.

bulletAgnes (1)(2) .

Children were: Pantel RICHTER, Anna Catharina RICHTER.

bulletAlice .

bulletAlice E.(1)(2) was born in Oct 1857 in , , Ohio. father born IN; mother born OH

She was married to John N. LOVELL about 1880. Children were: Clyde H. LOVELL, Frank I. LOVELL, Ora B. LOVELL, Walter Lafe LOVELL, James F. LOVELL.

bullet Allis was born in 1804 in Kentucky.


bulletAmanda J.(1)(2) .

She was married to John R. R.SNYDER on 11 Apr 1861 in , Knox, Indiana. Children were: James "Jim" SNYDER, Ida SNYDER, George W. R.SNYDER, Margareth R. R.SNYDER, Lilly R.SNYDER, Clara R.SNYDER.

bullet Ann M.(1)(2)

Children were: Sarah E. WILSON.

bulletAnna (1)(2) has reference number 4993.

She was married to Johannes RICHTER about 1632/33. Children were: Thomas RICHTER, Tillman RICHTER, Margaret Catherina RICHTER, Johannes RICHTER , Anna RICHTER, Christopher RICHTER, Hans RICHTER, Hermann RICHTER, Hans Thomas RICHTER, Johannes RICHTER, Johannes RICHTER.

bullet Anna (1)(2) was born about 1636 in , , , Germany. She has reference number 3873.

Children were: Johann Conrad DIEFFENBACH.

bulletAnna (1)(2) was buried on 23 Nov 1689 in Eisern, , , Germany. She has reference number 3467.

Children were: Anna Margarethe HUTTMANN.

bulletAnna (1)(2) .

bulletAnna (1)(2) .

Children were: Anna PARKE, Benjamin PARKE II.

bulletAnna (1)(2) .

Children were: Micah FRITZINGER, Paul Isaac FRITZINGER, William Jared FRITZINGER , Robert Abraham FRITZINGER.

bulletAnna (1)(2) was born about 1632. She was buried on 17 Aug 1712 in Oberfischbach, , , Germany. the order of the birth of these children is uncertain

Children were: Jacob CUNTZE, Anna Maria CUNTZE, Ebert CUNTZE, CUNTZE.

bulletAnna Catharina(1) (2) was born in 1647/48. She died on 23 Mar 1698. died at the age of 50 years

Children were: Anna RICHTER.

bulletAnna Dorothea(1) (2).

Children were: Martin RICHTER , Johannes RICHTER, Henrich RICHTER, Johann Georg RICHTER.

bulletAnna Maria(1) (2).

She was married to Henrich RICHTER in 1705 in Netphen, , , Germany. Children were: Johann Jacob RICHTER.

bullet Anne

She was married to Thomas STANLEY Sr. in 1685 in Prob. York or New Kent, VA. Children were: Rachel STANLEY, James STANLEY, Thomas STANLEY Jr., John STANLEY, Jacob STANLEY, Joseph STANLEY.

bullet Anne (1)(2) has reference number 503.

Children were: Elizabeth BARTLETT.

bulletAnnie died before 1929.

Children were: Fritz HEGE.

bulletArncis (1)(2) .

Children were: Florence ENNESS.

bulletAudrey (1)(2) .

Children were: Dennis ESLICK, Marty ESLICK, Marcia ESLICK, Jeff ESLICK, Robert ESLICK.

bulletBarbara (1)(2) died after 1850.

She was married to Jacob TEVEBAUGH on 20 Aug 1843 in , Knox, Indiana.

bullet Barbara (1)(2)

Children were: William WILSON.

bulletBetsy .

Children were: Rad Joseph BURTON.

bulletCarrie (1)(2) .

She was divorced from Park COWAN. Children were: Robert Cosmo COWAN, Fred Ross COWAN.

bullet Catharina (1)(2)

bulletCatharina (1)(2) .

Children were: Hermann FISCHBACH, Anna Maria FISCHBACH.

bulletCatharine (1)(2) was buried on 6 Dec 1702 in Eiserfeld, , , Germany. She has reference number 3465.

Children were: Johann Henrich WEBER .

bulletCatheleen .

Children were: Scott BURTON.

bulletCatherine (1)(2) was born about 1823. She died on 24 May 1890.

She was married to Abraham TEVERBAUGH about 1842. Children were: John TEVERBAUGH, James TEVERBAUGH, Mary TEVERBAUGH, Sarah Ann TEVERBAUGH, Phoebe TEVERBAUGH, TEVERBAUGH.

bullet Catherine (1)(2) died in May 1860. She was born in , , , Germany. aged 40 at time of death

Children were: Edward MUSHANEY, J. F. "Frank" MUSHANEY, Lewis Phillip MUSHANEY, Robert MUSHANEY, Catherine MUSHANEY, Mary MUSHANEY, E. E. MUSHANEY, Ellin MUSHANEY.

bulletCatherine (1)(2) .

She was married to Theiss FISCHBACH on 9 Feb 1636.

bullet Cathrin (1)(2) has reference number 3473.

Children were: Johann HEITE, Anna Cathrin HEITE, Cheun HEITE, Antonius HEITE, Elisabeth HEITE, Johann Jacob HEITE, Cathrina HEITE, Peter HEITE.

bulletCecil (1)(2) .

Children were: Cordelle NORWORTHY.

Children were: George FRAY, Bert FRAY.

bulletChristena was born on 26 Dec 1787 in NC. She died on 28 Dec 1854 in Washington County, IN. She has Ancestral File number Film No. 1760972.

She was married to Jacob BIERLY Jr. about 1800 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. Children were: Solomon BIERLY, David BIERLY .

bullet Christina (1)(2) has reference number 711.

Children were: Ann DELOSS.

bulletClara (1)(2) has reference number 4999.

Children were: Marg Elsbeth HEIMBACH, Henrich HEIMBACH, Johan Jacob HEIMBACH, Anna HEIMBACH, Johannes HEIMBACH, Elsbeth HEIMBACH.

bulletCynthia (1)(2) .

Children were: Jeff ESLICK.

bulletCynthia (1)(2) .

bulletCyrenia (1)(2) was born about 1824 in , , Tennessee. She has reference number 41.

She was married to Jesse T. MOORE about 1842. Children were: Jesse T. MOORE II, Jane A. MOORE, James David MOORE.

bullet Daisy (1)(2) was born in 1884. She died in 1972 in Carthage, , Missouri. She was buried in , Vernon, Missouri. bur. Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

bulletDaisy (1)(2) .

bulletDemut (1)(2) .

She was married to Johann "Hans" FISCHBACH in 1629. Children were: Johannes FISCHBACH .

bullet Demuth (1)(2) has reference number 13841.

Children were: Johann OTTERBACH, Thomas OTTERBACH.

bulletDianna (1)(2) .

Children were: Trisha Kathleen ESLICK .

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