bullet Donna.

She was married to Donald COHN. She was divorced from Donald COHN. Children were: Zachary COHN.

bullet Donnis (1)(2)

bulletDora (1)(2) died on 24 Jun 1939. She was buried in Colorado Springs, , Colorado. bur. Evergreen Cemetery

no issue

She was married to Chesley G. HORNBUCKLE on 28 Aug 1938 in Colorado Springs, , Colorado.

bullet Edith (1)(2) died in Nov 1988 in Cloverdale, Putnam, Indiana.

Children were: Catherine CLINE, Marion CLINE, Linde CLINE, David CLINE, Bonnie CLINE, Martha CLINE.

bulletEleanor (1)(2) was born in 1609 in Combs, Suffolk, , England. She died on 16 Jun 1658 in Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut. She has reference number 1T4S-Q8. "Genealogical Dictionary" says died in Aug (vol.3, p. 34)

She was married to Nicholas KNAPP about 1628 in Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut. Children were: Jonathan KNAPP, Timothy KNAPP, Joshua KNAPP, Caleb KNAPP, Sarah KNAPP, Ruth KNAPP, Hannah KNAPP, Moses KNAPP, Lydia KNAPP.

bullet Elenor (1)(2)

Children were: Mary WARD.

bulletElfrieda (Private).

Children were: Wayne Edward FRAY , Shirley Elfrieda FRAY, Glen David FRAY.

bulletElinor .

Children were: Ruth MELTON.

bulletElisabeth (1)(2) has reference number 9997.

Children were: Johannes HEIMBACH II, Georg HEIMBACH.

bulletElisabeth (1)(2) .

Children were: Ehla OTTERBACH, Johannes OTTERBACH, Jost OTTERBACH, Stina OTTERBACH.

bulletElisabeth (1)(2) .

Children were: Maria Elisabeth RICHTER , Martin RICHTER, Panthel RICHTER, Tillmann RICHTER, Daniel RICHTER, Gertrud RICHTER, Franz RICHTER, Johannes RICHTER.

bulletElisabeth (1)(2) .

Children were: Anna Magdalena RICHTER , Elisabeth RICHTER, Agnes RICHTER.

bulletEliza (1)(2) was born on 9 May 1865 in , , Missouri.

She was married to Phillip Jackson FRAY in 1887.

bullet Elizabeth

She was married to David BYERLY 3 on 25 May 1826 in Floyd Co., IN.

bullet Elizabeth

She was married to John ALVIS about 1760 in Virginia.

bullet Elizabeth (1)(2) has reference number 9995. maiden name - NIESS? (a surname originating in the Christian name "Dionysius")

Children were: Catherina HEIMBACH, Herman HEIMBACH, Philipp HEIMBACH, Hermann HEIMBACH, Jacob HEIMBACH, Clara HEIMBACH, Johan HEIMBACH.

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) has reference number 1365.

Children were: Jonathan CAREY.

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) has reference number 2839.

Children were: Elizabeth DOWNING.

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) was born on 2 Jun 1804. She has reference number 123.

Children were: James PERRY, Sarah A. PERRY , Jane PERRY, Hannah PERRY , Elizabeth PERRY.

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) (3) was born about 1749 in Lancaster Co., PA. She died in , Rowan, North Carolina. She has reference number 193. Known only by her mention was "wife" in Peter Sumys will of 1804.

She was married to Peter SUMEY about 1767. Children were: Peter SUMMY, Jacob SUMEY, Frederick SUMY, John SUMEY, George W. SUMMY, Michael SUMEY.

bullet Elizabeth (1)(2) has reference number 5761. relationship speculative; strong supportive evidence

Children were: Francis PURDY.

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) has reference number 2921.

Children were: BUSCH , Johann Daniel BUSCH, Johannes BUSCH, BUSCH.

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) was born about 1612 in , , , England. She died on 21 Sep 1657 in Stamford, , Connecticut. She has reference number 8RK8-6Q.

She was married to Peter BROWN about 1640 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. Children were: Thomas BROWN, Hachaliah BROWN , Mercy BROWN, Elizabeth BROWN, Ebenezer BROWN, Deliverance BROWN.

bullet Elizabeth (1)(2) was born in Nov 1852 in , , Kentucky. father b. KY; mother b. KY

She was married to George BASS in 1874. Children were: David Wyatt BASS, George G. BASS, M. D. Ramsy BASS.

bullet Elizabeth (1)(2) was born about 1816 in , Knox, Indiana.

She was married to Abraham TEVERBAUGH about 1805 in , Knox, Indiana. Children were: Catharine TEVERBAUGH, Jacob TEVERBAUGH, Mary "Polly" TEVERBAUGH, Nancy TEVERBAUGH , Joseph TEVERBAUGH, Abraham TEVERBAUGH.

bullet Elizabeth (1)(2) was born in 1823/24 in , , Missouri.

Children were: James R. HORNBUCKLE, Rufus Abbot HORNBUCKLE, Martin B. HORNBUCKLE, Richard T. B. HORNBUCKLE.

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) .

Children were: George PARKE II.

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) .

She was married to James TIGERT on 14 Aug 1820.

bullet Elizabeth (1)(2) was born about 1804 in , , Indiana.

Children were: David WEASE, Elijah WEASE, Ruth WEASE, Harriet WEASE.

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) was buried on 17 Apr 1680.

Children were: Magdalena BROMBACH.

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) .

bulletElizabeth (1)(2) . was her maiden name HARRISON?

bulletElizabeth I. F.(1) (2) died on 20 Jan 1852. died at the age of 28 years

Children were: Susan Ellen PARKE, PARKE , PARKE.

bulletElla (1)(2) died in Jul 1948 in Liberty, , Missouri. She was buried in Liberty, , Missouri. bur. Odd Fellows Cemetery

She was married to Silas E. HORNBUCKLE in 1904 in , Callaway, Missouri. Children were: HORNBUCKLE.

bullet Ella M. (Private).

Children were: Winnie C. HUCKABY .

bulletElsa (1)(2) has reference number 27649. maiden name = LIMPER?

She was married to Tilman SCHMIT about 1550. Children were: Freidrich KEMPER\SCHMIDT.

bullet Elsa (1)(2) died on 9 Oct 1615 in Freudenberg, , , Germany.

bulletElsbeth (1)(2) was buried on 9 Feb 1580. She has reference number 27651.

She was married to Jost_in_der BRUMBACH before 1564. Children were: Margaretha BRUMBACH, Elsbath BRUMBACH, Hans_in_der BRUMBACH, Hannes BRUMBACH, Peter BRUMBACH, Johan BRUMBACH, BRUMBACH.

bullet Elsbeth (1)(2) died about 1675. maiden name - "BECKER" ?

She was married to Johannes FISCHBACH about 1635. Children were: Jost FISCHBACH, Ludovica FISCHBACH, Elisabeth FISCHBACH, FISCHBACH, FISCHBACH, Margreth FISCHBACH.

bullet Elvira A.(1)(2) was born in 1811/12 in , , Virginia.


bulletEmily (1)(2) was born in May 1839. 1900 census says married 45 years

She was married to Electus L. FRIZELLE in 1855. Children were: John Owen FRIZELLE, William Henry FRIZELLE, George Bert FRIZELLE, Howard L. FRIZELLE, James G. FRIZELLE, Earl Lewis FRIZELLE.

bullet Emily Jane(1) (2) was born about 1829. no issue

She was married to John TEVERBAUGH on 8 Oct 1865 in , Knox, Indiana.

bullet Emogene (1)(2)

bulletEnzo .

He was married to Ornella CAMPINI.

bullet Estel (1)(2)

bulletEtta .

Children were: unknown ROOKS.

bulletEvelyn (1)(2) .

bulletEvolin (1)(2) .

She was married to Albion\Apion MCCRAY about 1858 in , Knox, Indiana. Children were: Elijah MCCRAY.

bullet Eyla (1)(2) "daughter of SOHN" Parents: Der SOHN .

bullet Frances (1)(2) was born about 1844 in , , Illinois.

She was married to William S. EWING about 1860. Children were: Aramina EWING, Viola J. EWING, Mary E. EWING, Wiley T. EWING, Frank C. EWING, Guy B. EWING, Bertha EWING.

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