bullet Gela(1) (2) has reference number 6927.

She was married to Johann "Hans" FISCHBACH about 1638. Children were: Maria Catherina FISCHBACH, Johann FISCHBACH.

bullet Gela (1)(2)

Children were: Johannes FISCHBACH, Henrich FISCHBACH.

bulletGell (1)(2) . "Gell" English equivalent = "Gela"

Children were: Henrich OTTERBACH, Johannes OTTERBACH.

bulletGeneva .

She was married to Timothy POMATTO.

bullet Gertrud (1)(2) has reference number 27689.

She was married to Hans STUELL in Alchen, , , Germany. Children were: Hans STUELL.

bullet Gertrud (1)(2)

Children were: Anna FISCHBACH, Anna Maria FISCHBACH, Johannes FISCHBACH, Anna Catharina FISCHBACH, Johann FISCHBACH, Catharina FISCHBACH.

bulletGertrud (1)(2) .

bulletGuda (1)(2) has reference number 5005. marriage to Henrich Haeger was 2nd marriage
maiden name unknown

She was married to Henrich HAEGER on 18 Jan 1638. Children were: Johannes HAEGER , Liess HAEGER, Johann Henrich HAEGER, Henrich HAEGER.

bullet Hannah (1)(2)

She was married to Jesse TEVEBAUGH on 8 Dec 1832 in , Warren, Indiana. Children were: Sarah Elizabeth TEVEBAUGH, Elinda TEVEBAUGH, William J. TEVEBAUGH, Asa TEVEBAUGH.

bullet Hannah (1)(2)

Children were: Mary C. WHITLEY.

bulletHannah (1)(2) . after marrying ASHBROOK, "moved back East".

Children were: Hannah PARKE.

bulletHannah (1)(2) .

bulletHannah C.(1)(2) .

She was married to William Henderson SNYDER in Sep 1870.

bullet Harriet (1)(2)

She was divorced from Eugene Merle FRIZELLE.

bullet Harriet (1)(2) was born about 1846 in , , Ohio.

She was married to David Clinton EWING about 1864. Children were: Mary Emma EWING, William EWING, Walter E. EWING, Annie E. EWING, George A. EWING, Alva F. EWING.

bullet Helen

She was married to Raymond ROSSO.

bullet Helen (1)(2) Parents: Anna Mae MOORE.

bullet Helen (1)(2)

Children were: Lettice MOSELY.

bulletHenne (1)(2) has reference number 79952. no surname; in 1563 - lessee, farm owned by the Holy Ghost Hospital of Siegen
relationship speculative, unproved at this time

Children were: Jost SCHEFFE.

bulletHilda .

She was married to Garmon Walter BURTON on 8 Feb 1947. Children were: Garmon Walter BURTON Jr. , Dale Holden BURTON, Beth Elaine BURTON, Alan Byerly BURTON.

bullet Hilla (1)(2)

Children were: Jost STUELL.

bulletIda M.(1)(2) was born in 1879 in , , Kansas.

She was married to Harve T. EWING about 1901. Children were: Opal M. EWING, Mable V. EWING, Verna EWING.

bullet Ida T.(1)(2) died on 2 Apr 1937. She was born in Mayville, , New York. She was buried in Kansas City, , Missouri. bur. Mt. Washington Cemetery

She was married to Chesley G. HORNBUCKLE on 16 Jul 1902 in Kansas City, , Missouri.

bullet Irene (1)(2)

bulletIsabella (1)(2) was born between 1771 and 1780.

Children were: James TIGERT, John TIGERT II, Mary J. TIGERT, Hannah TIGERT, Rachel M. TIGERT, Jane TIGERT, Nettie F. TIGERT.

bulletIsabelle (1)(2) .

bulletIsolina J.(1)(2) .

bulletJan (1)(2) .

bulletJane (1)(2) has reference number 313.

Children were: Charlotte RECTOR, Lewis RECTOR, Martin RECTOR, John Josiah RECTOR, Rebecca RECTOR, Sally RECTOR, Elizabeth RECTOR.

bulletJane (1)(2) was born in 1795 in , , Maryland. She has reference number 115. born 1795?!

Children were: Mary SAMPSON, Nancy Wiley SAMPSON, Jesse SAMPSON, Aaron SAMPSON, Elizabeth SAMPSON, William A. SAMPSON, Jackson SAMPSON, Rebecca J. SAMPSON, Sarah "Sally" SAMPSON , Aquilla Warren SAMPSON.

bulletJane (1)(2) has reference number 945.

Children were: Solomon WELTON, Jesse WELTON, David WELTON, Job WELTON, William WELTON, Mary WELTON, Jane WELTON, Martha WELTON, John WELTON.

bulletJane (1)(2) .

bulletJane (1)(2) .

Children were: Margaret MCBRIDE.

bulletJanet (1)(2) .

bulletJean (1)(2) .

Children were: Donna Denise PALKO.

bulletJean (1)(2) .

Children were: John TIGERT, William TIGERT, Hannah TIGERT, TIGERT.

bulletJennie (1)(2) was born about 1862 in , , Iowa.

Children were: Stella ESLICK.

bulletJennifer (1)(2) .

She was married to David Wayne EWING in Oct 1984 in St.Petersburg, , Florida.

bullet Jennifer (1)(2)

Children were: Kyle ESLICK, Sarah ESLICK, ESLICK.

bulletJill (1)(2) was born on 19 Apr.

She was married to Gerald Lee FRIZELLE on 28 Jul 1962 in Pharr, , Texas. Children were: Thomas Aaron FRIZELLE, Suzanne Lorene FRIZELLE .

bullet Joan (1)(2) was born about 1456 in Bradley Plain, Hampshire, , England. She has reference number GVWG-8C.

Children were: Richard OGDEN, William OGDEN.

bulletJohannes (1)(2) was christened in 1631. godfather = Cathrin's brother, Johannes HEITE

christened the 1st Sunday after Epiphany Parents: Cathrin HEITE.

bullet Josie (1)(2) Are forenames "Josie Anna" ?

bulletJuanita (1)(2) . Parents: Anna Mae MOORE.

bulletJudith (1)(2) .

bulletJudy (Private).

bulletJyllian (1)(2) was born about 1472. She has reference number 99VP-6J.

Children were: Robert KNAPPE.

bulletKate (1)(2) .

Children were: Ray ADAMS, Earl ADAMS, Ruby ADAMS, Maude ADAMS.

bulletKathrin (1)(2) .

Children were: Christophel RICHTER, Liesbeth RICHTER, Anna RICHTER, Catharina RICHTER, Martin RICHTER, Johannes RICHTER, Hermann RICHTER, Johann Jacob RICHTER, Johannes RICHTER.

bulletLena (1)(2) .

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