bullet Liess(1) (2) died after 1631. She has reference number 9993. maiden name - BEER?

Children were: Daniel FISCHBACH, Johannes FISCHBACH II.

bulletLillian (1)(2) .

bulletLillian (1)(2) .

Children were: Dorothy COWAN, Fred Ross COWAN II, Madeline COWAN.

bulletLilly Belle(1) (2).

bulletLoretta (1)(2) .

bulletLucy .


bulletLucy J.(1)(2) was born in Jan 1874 in , , Indiana.

She was married to Fred H. EWING in 1898. Children were: Fredrick Lionel G. EWING, Lowell J. T. EWING, Jolene C. EWING.

bullet Lupita (1)(2)

Children were: Ruben SANDOVAL.

bulletLurana (1)(2) . order of children's births uncertain

Children were: Elizabeth HITT II, Miriam HITT, Joel HITT, Joab HITT, James HITT, John HITT.

bulletLydia (1)(2) .

bulletLynn (1)(2) was born in , , Hawaii.

Children were: Patricia Lynn THOMPSON.

bulletM. C. (1)(2) was born about 1843 in , , Missouri. She died before 1900. initials & birth data from 1880 census

died after Apr 1884 & before 1900

Children were: Charles W. HUCKABY, Harvey Green HUCKABY, Mary HUCKABY, Ida_L. HUCKABY, George W. HUCKABY.

bulletMagdalena (1)(2) has reference number 2923.

Children were: Anna Margaretha EICHART.

bulletMaggie (1)(2) .

bulletMargaret was born in 1810. She died on 19 Sep 1910. She was also known as Aunt Peggy.

Children were: Columbus (Lum) BYERLY.

bulletMargaret (1)(2) has reference number 46995.

Children were: Margaret WILSON.

bulletMargaret (1)(2) has reference number 969.

Children were: Daniel TEVEBAUGH, Jacob TEVEBAUGH.

bulletMargaret (1)(2) .

She was married to John TEVEBAUGH between 1790 and 1795 in , Hardy, Virginia. Children were: John TEVEBAUGH.

bullet Margaret (1)(2)

bulletMargaret (1)(2) .

Children were: Margaret Patricia STAHL .

bulletMargaretha (1)(2) .

Children were: Johannes OTTERBACH, Katrina Gela OTTERBACH.

bulletMargarethe (1)(2) .

She was married to Philipp HEIMBACH in 1656/57 in Trupbach, , , Germany. Children were: Jacob HEIMBACH.

bullet Marge (1)(2)

Children were: TEVEBAUGH.

bulletMargreth (1)(2) . "Margreth" English equivqlent = "Gretchen"

Children were: Agnes FISCHBACH, FISCHBACH , Ebert FISCHBACH, Johannes FISCHBACH.

bulletMargreth (1)(2) was born in 1646/47. She died on 30 Jan 1729. died at the age of 82 years

bulletMaria (1)(2) .

Children were: Myra STERRETT.

bulletMaria (1)(2) died in 1696 in Trupbach, , , Germany.

bulletMaria (1)(2) . "widow of the learned and honorable Erasmus OELNY, (? the name is difficult to
read) former Inspector at Lueden in County Lippe." ibid. p. 173

bulletMaria (1)(2) .

Children were: Anna Maria RICHTER, Margreth RICHTER, Tillmann RICHTER, Johannes RICHTER, Maria Elisabeth RICHTER.

bulletMaria Abigail(1) (2) was born on 22 Mar 1788 in , , Pennsylvania. She died on 3 May 1864 in Mechanic Twp., Holmes, Ohio. She was buried in , Holmes, Ohio. She has reference number 89. bur.Smith-Bixley Cemetery

Children were: James M. SMITH, Jonathan SMITH, Frederick D. SMITH, Reuben Waits SMITH, Sarah SMITH, Mary SMITH, Joseph J. SMITH, Agnes SMITH, Ruth SMITH.

bulletMaria Elisabeth(1) (2).

Children were: Anna Gertrud OTTERBACH .

bulletMaria(h) (1)(2) was born about 1808 in , , Pennsylvania. She died after 1875 in , Webster, Iowa.

Children were: William S. EWING, James R. EWING, David Clinton EWING, Margret EWING.

bulletMarie (1)(2) .

bulletMartha was born in South Carolina.

Children were: Monroe BLASSINGAME , Alexander BLASSINGAME, Mary A. BLASSINGAME.

bulletMartha .

She was married to Stanley ALVIS about 1781 in Hanover Co., VA.

bullet Martha (1)(2)

Children were: Myra Beth HUCKABY, Jan Louise HUCKABY.

bulletMartha (1)(2) was born about 1829 in , , Tennessee.

Children were: Thomas Benton ESLICK, John Henry ESLICK, Samuel Simpson ESLICK, Sarah ESLICK, Amanda ESLICK, Francis ESLICK, Mary ELSICK.

bulletMartha (1)(2) .

Children were: Jodi MARTIN, Suzi MARTIN, John Robert MARTIN.

bulletMartha "Patsy"(1) (2) was born about 1781. She died about 1856.

Children were: Daniel TEVEBAUGH III.

bulletMartha M.(1)(2) was born on 2 Nov 1836 in , , Illinois. She died on 19 Jan 1882 in Nevada, Vernon, Missouri. She was buried in Badger Twp., Vernon, Missouri. bur. Lovell Cemetery, 2 1/2 m. SE of Nevada, in a grove of trees in a farm field

was maiden name "Swango" ? if so, married 1852, Fulton Co., IL

Children were: John N. LOVELL, Francis M. LOVELL, Cossamia LOVELL, Henry LOVELL, Lucinda LOVELL, Phoebe LOVELL, Sarah M. LOVELL.

bulletMary (1)(2) died before 1850.

Children were: Sarah C. CLINE , William CLINE, Samuel CLINE , Jacob CLINE II.

bulletMary (1)(2) has reference number 681.

Children were: Benjamin HAMBLEN, George HAMBLEN, Mattox HAMBLEN.

bulletMary (1)(2) died on 5 Oct 1820 in , Knox, Indiana. maiden name = UPSON?

bulletMary (1)(2) died after 1815. She has reference number 485.

She was married to Jacob TEVEBAUGH about 1754. Children were: Jacob TEVEBAUGH II, Solomon TEVEBAUGH, George TEVERBAUGH, Mary TEVERBAUGH, Abraham TEVERBAUGH, Barbara TEVEBAUGH, Mercy\Massey TEVEBAUGH, Jacob TEVEBAUGH, Nimrod TEVERBAUGH, Drucilla "Drucy" TEVERBAUGH .

bullet Mary (1)(2) was born about 1679. She has reference number 1367.

Children were: Elizabeth HOLLOWAY.

bulletMary (1)(2) .

bulletMary (1)(2) died in , Owen, Indiana.

Children were: Charlotte COLTHARP.

bulletMary (1)(2) .

Children were: Isaac PARKE II, Daniel PARKE, David PARKE, Jacob PARKE.

bulletMary (1)(2) .

bulletMary (1)(2) was born in 1736. She died after 1802. order of children's births is uncertain

She was married to John HITT about 1755. Children were: Peter HITT, Susannah HITT, Martin HITT, Aaron HITT, James HITT, William HITT.

She was married to John SHAW in 1791.

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