bullet Christina Barbara BYERLY was born on 18 Oct 1770 in Pilgrims. Parents: John Martin BYERLY and Mary Catherine SPENGLER.

bullet Cicero Harvey BYERLY was born on 20 Aug 1871 in Davidson County, NC. He died on 21 Mar 1943. He was To this union were born 14 children. 7 boys and 7 girls. List is on file with Byerly material.. Parents: Isaiah BYERLY and Mary A..

bulletClaude Elmer BYERLY (Private). Parents: Thomas Jefferson BYERLY and Nancy C. SMITH.

She was married to Ernest L. BENNETT on 28 Nov 1927.

bullet Columbus (Lum) BYERLY was. A heavy drinker and one night while intoxicated fell of his horse as it stopped to water in the Yadkin River and was drowned.
He was buried in Jerusalem, Davidson Co., NC. Parents: George BYERLY and Margaret.

Children were: Drussy BYERLY, Neely BYERLY.

bulletDaniel BYERLY was born in 1791. He resided in 1821 in Indiana. (36) He died on 30 Nov 1876 in Washington County, IN. Parents: John Jacob BYERLY Sr. and Magdalena SUMMI.

He was married to Nancy RANSON.

bullet David BYERLY 1 was born on 18 Aug 1769 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. He died on 10 Aug 1840 in Henry Co., IN. Parents: John Jacob BYERLY Sr. and Magdalena SUMMI.

bullet David BYERLY 2 was born on 28 Mar 1773 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. He died in 1829 in Floyd Co., IN. David moved to Abbott's Creek section of Rowan Co., NC near present town of Lexington. He first acquired land in Floyd Co., IN on 8 Jan 1820. He was a farmer there until 1829. His will, dated 9 May 1828, was filed for probate 22 Dec 1829, naming David Byerly, Jr. and Jacob Huffstator as executors. The latter declined to serve and David Byerly, Jr. qualified alone as executor. Phillip Byerly signed the executor's bond for $2.00 as surely. David Byerly's widow elected to take her one-third share of his estate under the Indian law of descent instead of the provision made for her benefit in the will. Upon the death of the widow, Mary Byerly, Isaac Simpson served as administrator of her estate in 1847 and 1848.
Parents: John Martin BYERLY and Mary Catherine SPENGLER.

Children were: Elizabeth "Betsy" BYERLY, Peter BYERLY 3, Nancy Ann BYERLY, Jacob BYERLY 1, William BYERLY, Lewis BYERLY, Martin BYERLY 3, David BYERLY 3, Peter BYERLY 4, Margaret (Peggy) BYERLY, Sarah (Sally) BYERLY, Catherine (Cathy) BYERLY 3 .

bulletDavid BYERLY 3 was born in 1812 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. He died in 1881 in Washington County, IN. Parents: David BYERLY 2 and Mary (Polly) COOPER.

He was married to Elizabeth on 25 May 1826 in Floyd Co., IN.

bullet Drussy BYERLY Parents: Columbus (Lum) BYERLY.

bullet Elias BYERLY Parents: Martin BYERLY 1 and Margaret SIMMS.

Children were: Jonathan W. BYERLY .

bulletElizabeth BYERLY was born on 13 Mar 1780. Parents: John Martin BYERLY and Anna Margaret EVERHARDT.

bullet Elizabeth BYERLY 2 Parents: Hiram BYERLY and Elkizabeth J. (Eliza) ZIMMERMAN.

Children were: Addie HEGE, Ollie HEGE, Jake HEGE, Ethel HEGE, Nannie Sue HEGE, Hattie HEGE, Sue HEGE, Norman HEGE.

bulletElizabeth "Betsy" BYERLY was born on 4 May 1786 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. This date makes Betsy born when her father was only 13! Probably the date of her birth was 1796. She died on 4 Dec 1860 in Washington County, IN. Parents: David BYERLY 2 and Mary (Polly) COOPER.

She was married to Isaac SIMPSON on 29 Aug 1816.

bullet Elizabeth (Betty) BYERLY Parents: Peter BYERLY 1 and Eva FRANK.

bullet Frances BYERLY Parents: Hiram BYERLY and Elkizabeth J. (Eliza) ZIMMERMAN.

bullet Francis BYERLY was born on 11 Dec 1806. He died on 11 Aug 1896. He was buried in Good Hope Church Cemetery, Davidson County, NC. He was He was married twice and had 7 children. List of file with Byerly Info.. Parents: Peter BYERLY 1 and Eva FRANK.

bullet Frederick BYERLY Parents: John George BYERLY and Anna Maria SCHAFERIN.

bullet Frederick Lee BYERLY Parents: Nathaniel Gaston BYERLY and Eliza Jane MASON.

bullet George BYERLY was born on 15 Nov 1798. He died on 21 May 1887 in Davidson County, NC. Parents: Peter BYERLY 1 and Eva FRANK.

Children were: Columbus (Lum) BYERLY .

bulletGrace C. BYERLY. Parents: Nathaniel Gaston BYERLY and Eliza Jane MASON.

bulletGuy Lee BYERLY 1 was born on 18 Apr 1898 in Davie County, NC.. He died on 21 Feb 1953 in Mt. Airy, NC. He was educated High Point and NC State College. Parents: Thomas Jefferson BYERLY and Nancy C. SMITH.

He was married to Lillian YOUNTS on 10 Aug 1920 in Greensboro, NC. Children were: Guy Lee BYERLY 2.

bullet Guy Lee BYERLY 2 (Private). Parents: Guy Lee BYERLY 1 and Lillian YOUNTS.

Children were: Susan Adams BYERLY, Nancy Younts BYERLY, Guy Lee BYERLY 3.

bulletGuy Lee BYERLY 3. Parents: Guy Lee BYERLY 2 and Sadie WOLFE.

bulletHiram BYERLY was born on 25 Oct 1831 in Advance, Davie County, NC. He served in the military on 8 Jul 1862 in Mocksville, Davie Co., NC. He enlisted at age 32 July 8, 1862 at Mocksville, Nc for 3 years as a private in Captain William Booe's Company of White's battalion of Partisan Rangers. This battalion was composed of North Carolina and Virginia troops. In Sep and Oct of 1862 White's battalion plus two independent companies were added to the five companies of Evan's battalion of North Carolina Partisan Rangers to form the North Carolina 5th Cavalry Regiment (63rd State Troops) and Captain Booe's company became Company H. H. Byerly was promoted to Corporate August 12, 1863. In June 1864 he was wounded and was in the Receiving and Wayside Hospital Number 9, Richmond and then sent to the Confederate States Hospital at Petersburg from which he was furloughed home June 17, 1864. He died on 22 Jun 1911 in Elbaville Church Cemetery, Advance, NC. He was a farmer lifelong. Parents: Peter BYERLY 1 and Polly LOWMAN.

Children were: Alice BYERLY, Frances BYERLY, Elizabeth BYERLY 2, Sarah Anne BYERLY, Nathaniel Gaston BYERLY, Martha Victoria BYERLY , Thomas Jefferson BYERLY.

bulletIsaiah BYERLY was born on 22 Aug 1833 in Davidson County, NC. He died on 14 Sep 1926 in Davie County, Rt. 4 Mocksville, NC.. Parents: Peter BYERLY 1 and Polly LOWMAN.

Children were: Cicero Harvey BYERLY.

bulletJacob BYERLY 1 was born in 1802 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. He died in Floyd Co., IN. Parents: David BYERLY 2 and Mary (Polly) COOPER.

He was married to Rachel JENKINS on 2 Sep 1832 in Floyd Co., IN.

bullet John BYERLY 1 was born on 3 Oct 1789 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. He died on 13 Sep 1874 in Harrison Co., IN. He was a tanner. They had come, with their respective families, from North Carolina to Harrison County, IN about 1809. John Byerly and wife settle on a farm in Heth township in Harrison Co., IN. John Byerly and his sons, John, Jr. and Henry, are known to have contributed to the fund for construction of a Congregational Church at Beech Woods in Harrison County. They probably were members of that church, of which the building no longer stands. John Byerly's will, dated 19 Feb 1869, was proven 3 Oct 1874, and named his sons, Henry and David, as executors. From the Byerlys of Carolina Vol. 2. About 1809-1810 John Byerly sold his land along with his brothers (Phillip and David) and took his widowed sister, Catherine Beanblossom to Harrison Co., IN. They went along with John Frank (a son of the Revolutionary War Patriot William Frank) and his wife Mary Barbara Lopp Frank. John Byerly married their daughter Catherine Frank (born in 1792 in NC and died 1877 in IN). They left a large progeny in Harrison Co., IN.
1850 slave schedule: 70 yr old female black, 55 yr old male black, 52 yr old female black. Parents: John Martin BYERLY and Anna Margaret EVERHARDT.

He was married to Catherine FRANK on 5 Mar 1812.

bullet John BYERLY Parents: Peter BYERLY 1 and Eva FRANK.

bullet John David BYERLY was born between 1740 and 1745. He died in 1822 in Pilgrims. David in later life known as David Byerly, Sr. They were married by the
Lutheran Pastor Rev John Arrends at Pilgrim's Church. David later became
an elder of this church. David acquired large land holdings on Abbotts
Creek - some from his father and later adding other land.
On 7 May 1805 David was appointed guardian of George Lukenbill, a son of
John Lukenbill.
David Byerly's Will: State of NC, Davidson Co., January Session 1823,
Will Book 1, Page 1
In the name of God Amen. I David Byerly of the County of Davidson and
State of North Carolina planter being very sick in body but of perfect
mind and memory thanks be given unto God calling unto mind the morality of
my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die - do make
and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and
first of all I give and recommend my soul unto the hands of Almighty God
that have it, and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a
decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executor nothing doubting
but at the general Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the
Almighty Power of God, and as touching such worldly estate where with it
has pleased God to bless me in this life I give, devise and dispose of the
same in the following manner and form-
First I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Lucy Byerly the privilege
of one room of my dwelling house of her choice for her proper use and
livehood during her natural life or as long as she shall remain a widow in
my name. Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son, George Byerly
my plantation where on I now live and also the land adjoining it that I
purchased from Isiah Fisher. I give and bequeath unto my son George Byerly
one negroe fellow of his choice out of my negroes and also my large waggon
and all the horse harness belonging to the same and also all my farming
utensils of every denomination. I give to my son George Byerly the above
mentioned property for his own proper use and livelihood also give and
bequeath to my son George my two stills and all my still tubs and other
implements belonging to the same, also I give to my son George one bed and
furniture and my chest and my desk and my wearing apparel for his proper
use and behalf. Thirdly, I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter
Sarah Byerly my negroe girl named Nancy for her proper use and behalf also
I give to my daughter Sarah Byerly my sorrel mare and my will is further
that my daughter Sarah Byerly shall have an equal share out of my stock
and household and kitchen furniture as my daughters that are now married
have received. Fourthly my will is that my son George Byerly above named
shall one year after my decease pay one hundred dollars to my
granddaughter Eliza Byerly a daughter of my son Phillip Byerly deceased or
to her guardian out of the above estate which is already willed to the
said George Byerly, for her proper use and behalf.
Fifthly, I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Barbara Garner two
negroes that is my negroe girl Poll and my little negroe boy named Joeda
for her proper use and behalf-Sixthly my will is that all my debts by paid
out of my money on hand and the balance of my money in actual cash and
notes to be equally divided amongst my wife Lucy and four of my children
that is George Byerly, Catherine Capeley, Christina Collins, and Sarah
Byerly, my wife is to have an equal share with one of them and also my
will is that all the grain and all the ardent spirits and all the meat
that is now on hand George Byerly shall have the half thereof and my wife
Lucy and my daughter Sarah shall have the other half, also I give to my
wife Lucy one horse of her choice and if my above named wife should marry
another man shall be entitled to receive one horse saddle and bridle, two
cows, four head of sheep and her own bed, her chest, bureau and her flax
wheel and kitchen furniture as much as she may think proper for her own
use and behalf. Sixthly my will is that after the decease of my beloved
wife above named all my property above willed to my beloved wife to be
sold at public auction and the proceeds thereof to be equally divided
amongst all my children that is George Byerly, Barbara Garner, Catherine
Capely, Christina Collins, and Sarah Byerly for their proper use and
behalf and it is my will that my son George Byerly shall find my wife Lucy
in good diet during her natural life annd during her widowhood if they
cannot agree at one table the said George to find her as much as any two
good men will say will do her. I do hereby constiture and appoint my
beloved son George Byerly sole executor of this my last will and testament
in writing. I the said David Byerly have hereunto set my hand and affixed
my seal this 28th day of Dec 1822.
David Byerly (seal)
(he wrote in German)
signed sealed pronounced and declared in the presence of us
Henry Ratts
Davidson Co, NC from Beyerle Forefathers June 1991 issue
Exec: son George Byerly. Witness: Henry Ratts.
Parents: John Jacob BYERLY I and Mary Elizabeth.

He was married to Louisa LOCKABILL on 10 Apr 1775. by Rev. Arends.

bullet John George BYERLY(15) was born about 1661 in Germany. He has Ancestral File number 4LSF-81. He was also known as Beyerle. He has Ancestral File number LVVQ-D6. Mr. Thomas Byerly of Winston-Salem, N.C. wrote to the Librarian of University of Heidelberg, Germany concerning the Byerly family and received the following: University Church Register, Heidelburg, Germany, Juloy 23, 1722, the name of Bayerle, appears in the Heidelburg Church Register in print of 18th century; then disappears. Spelling: Bauerle, Bayerle, Bierle, Bauerle or spelled as it sounded, to writer. "Heidelberg Church Register, 7-28-1722. Conrad Bauerle, son of the late Jacob Bauerle-citizen of Heidelburg and city of Tambour and Anna Catherine, were married in the little church "Auf Der Aue"< probalby in Schlierbach, near Heidelburg. It is very likely Heidelburg city musician imigrated from Moravia or Bohemia as both towns are noted for musical talent.
Parents: Phillip BYERLY and Agnes ZEIEZAN.

Children were: Frederick BYERLY , William BYERLY, Anna Maria BYERLY, John Jacob BYERLY I, Katherine BYERLY.

bulletJohn Jacob BYERLY Sr.(15) was born between 1737 and 1740 in possibly Germany. He was Refused to take the oath of allegiance to the State in 1778 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. (37) later (1783) called to court to show cause why his estates should not be confiscated. He appeared on the census in 1790 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. (38) He appeared on the census in 1800 in Rowan Co. North Carolina.(39) Absent during census and caused confusion He appeared on the census in 1810 in Rowan Co. North Carolina.(40) He appeared on the census in 1820 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. (41) He signed a will on 31 May 1820 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. (42) WILL OF JACOB BYERLY - Davie Co., NC will abstracts H:180. JACOB BYERLY. May 31, 1820. prob. Nov 1822.
Wife Margaret. Sons: Daniel and Andrew
Daughters: Christina, Barbary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Molly and Sally.
Exrs: Jacob Peck (Pack?) Sr. and son Martin Byerly. Wit: Daniel Davis, John Younts, Danl Byerly. He was buried in ? Beck's. His Military Service in Revolutionary War- Holly Grove Section.

Later called "senior"
Sometime around 1768-69 he must have moved further west to the area of present day Ashe/Wilkes/Alleghany counties and some of the children born there viz: Sally, David, woh give Ashe Co. as birthplace. However Jacob is not present as taxable in the census in this time. After his father's death in 1771, John Jacob Byerly received the three hundred acres on Pounder's form of Abbott's Creek and which he bought back from the state in 1792 in order to clear his title. With the passage of time he added more land to his holdings. During the Revolutionary War, Jacob Senior was among the persons cited (along with his brother, Martin) as refusing or neglecting to take the oath of allegaince to the State (in 1778) and later after the war (1783) was called to court to show cause why his estates should not be confiscated. (INFERIOR COURT RECORDS by Mrs. Manie McCubbins. These records are found in the Edith M. Clark History Room of the Rowan Public Library. "Saturday, February 8, 1783:...The following persons Being Scited (sic) to appear at November Term last to show cause, under the Act of Assembly, why their estates should not be confiscated were at this court called and made default viz: ...Jacob Birely, ... Jacob Byarly...".) Jacob is listed as a taxable in 1778, 1784, and 1789, appears in the first census of 1790 with a large family of five boys and four girls. He is absent from the 1800 census and this fact has for years confused the delineation of these families until a recent series of communications places him out of the County and in another location. He reappears in the 1810 census and his remaining children are in the 1820 census. Because of the large number of children and the thirty years spread of their birth dates, it is felt that there was a second, or possibly third wife.
Will of John Jacob 2 Byerly:
In the Name of God, Amend.
I Jacob Byerly of Rowan County and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die and touching my wordly Estate as it has pleased God to bless me with--
1st as to my lands being allready conveyed by Deed to my two sons, Daniel and Andrew, Reserving my self and wife's life time to have a maintenance on the home plantation manner house.
2nd I give and bequest to my Believed wife, Margaret, my Bay Mare, two Cows, Two Feather Beds, and Furniture, Flax wheel, one frying pan, one iron pot, one puter Bason, four puter plates, four knives and forks, and water pail, two tin cups, two puter spoons--the above mentioned property bequested to my Beloved Wife during her natural life then to second to be Equally divided Among my Six Daughters, Share and Share alike. Also I give my Beloved wife ten Dollars in cash if no money on hand at my Deed to be raised from and of my sale money.
4th I device that all the Remaining part of my property not above mentioned that is to say hogs, waggon, and gun of all kind, all plantation tools and all iron belonging to the saw mill one still and tubs on lot of Black Smith Tools to be sold by my Executors and the money grossing Equally Divided among all my Children Sons and Daughters alike.
5th Lastly I do constitute and appoint my worthy friend Jacob Ray, Snr. and my son, Martin Byerly, my Executors to this my Last Will and Testament and Unalterably Disannulling and Revoking all other wills heretofore by me made. In Witness I have set my hand and have affixed my Seal this 31st day of May Anno Dom 1820. Signed Sealed and Acknowledged in present of Daniel Lonows, Sr., John Yount, Danl Byerly.
He died in 1822 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. He has Ancestral File number 19H0-HR. He was baptismal sponsor for John Martin Byerly's son born in 1767. (43) He owned 300 acres on Pounders Fork in Abbott's Creek, Rowan County, NC.(44) Bought back from the state in 1792 in order to clear the title (Book 13, p. 176 Rowan County Land Deed Records). He was Taxable in 1778, 1784, 1789 in Rowan Co. North Carolina.(45) He was Union (Lutheran-Reformed) Church in Beck's Church, Abbott's Creek, Rowan County, NC. (46) Jacob Byerly Jr. b.c. 1750 came with his father to America and left a will in Rowan Co., N.C. written 5-31-1820 and probated in 1822. The will named three sons; Daniel, Andrew and Martin and six daughters Christina, Barbary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Molly and Sally. The 1790 Census of Rowan Co. N.C. showed 6 men and 5 women and two more children were born after this date so that is why I have added two more boys, Jacob and Peter who were older and given land or money while the father was living and are therefore not mentioned in the will. The will was signed in the presence of Daniel Davison, John Younts and Daniel Byerly. Jacob's wife Margaret was also mentioned. From family records we know that Margaret hid the bread in the ashes of the fireplace to keep the Tories from taking it while her husband was gone fighting in the revolution. Since there is no record of Jacob Byerly's service in North Carolina we believe that he fought in Virginia where the record says that Jacob Bierly received a land grant of 100 acres as a private in the Va. Continental Line for three years 5-10-1785. Ref: Kentucky Society Sons of the American Rev. and Catalogue of Va. Military Land Grants. As Jacob does not show up in Va. after the war we believe that he returned to his home in Rowan Co. N.C.

Parents: John Jacob BYERLY I and Mary Elizabeth.

He was married to Magdalena SUMMI about 1768 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. Children were: Jacob BIERLY Jr., Martin BYERLY 1, David BYERLY 1, Barbara BYERLY, Catherine BYERLY 2, Christina BYERLY, Molly BYERLY, Margaret Elizabeth BYERLY, Susannah Sally (Sarah) BYERLY, Daniel BYERLY, Andrew BYERLY, Peter BYERLY .

bullet John Jacob BYERLY I(15) was born in 1700 in Rhenish, Low Palatinate, Germany. or Lower Palatinate Region of Germany
He emigrated on 30 Sep 1732 from Pennsylvania. (47) W.G. Byerly cites the immigration records from Strassburger's three volume masterpiece "Pennsylvania German Pioneers." He was living between 1750 and 1760 in Lancaster, PA. He was Tax Lists in 1759 in Rowan Co. North Carolina.(48) Found in the walls of the old Court house in Salisbury in 1944 when Mr. William D. Kizziah was Register of Deeds and he had it preserved and printed. This is the earliest known list as Rowan was formed in 1753 from Anson County. On this list appears the name of John Byerly. In 1768 Jacob, Martin and Phillip are listed. In 1778 David, Martin, Jacob, and Phillip are listed with acreages. (Altogether the family had about two thousand acres.) By 1784 (after the Revolution) the acreages had been decreased and Phillip was not listed (see pgs. 89 and 154). In 1789, David, Jacob and Martin are listed as "old Taables" after which the Census records take over. He owned 322 acres on Bounders Fork a branch of Abbotts Creek near Yadkin River on 11 Dec 1761 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. References:
D.A.R. National number 269255
D.A.C. 4447
Family Bible and gravestone, Beulah Church, Davidson Co., N.C.
Will Book 2 Page 34, Clerk's office, Lexington, N.C.
Pilgrim Lutheran and Reformed Church, near Lexington, N.C.
Heidelburg, German Church Register, City of Tannour, Germany
Giving Patriot's service at the Ferry of the Yadkin River; vol 22, page 425 N.C. Colonial Records Vol. 22, Co. land record page 425--expense account with Byerly's of Abbotts Creek.

"Received his 322 acres from Henry McCulloh...name spelled Byer and in July 1763 the other two tracts are proved in court and his name is spelled Byrer" Byerly's of Carolina Vol. 2, p. 86-90
He was a Road Overseer in 1767 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. (49) replacing Charles Berrier He was a Tavern owner in 1769 in Rowan Co. North Carolina.(50) He was a Constable in Feb 1769 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. replacing Charles Berrier (spelled Barrayer).
Jacob replaced by Fredrick Michael in 1771 He was buried in 1771 in Beck's Cemetery, Davidson Co., NC.(51) Jacob Beirer anno 1771 and Maria his wife 1781
Beck's Churchyard, Rowan County, NC He died in Dec 1771 in Lexington, Rowan Co. North Carolina. Buried in Beck's Cemetery, Davidson Co., NC
Lexington is now in Davidson Co. He signed a will. Will Bk. 2 dated Dec. 1846; Vol. 22 Page 425, N.C. Colonial records.
He was christened.(52) Lutheran or Reformed (Calvinist) He was also known as Elder. He was also known as Johann Jacob Beyrle. He has Ancestral File number 1VR4-5L. He was Reformed (German Presbyterian) in Rowan Co. North Carolina.(53) He was a leader in the little community of German speaking and writing persons and was a member of the Reformed persuasion and helped to select the site of the first church in this area (Pilgrim's). This Church eventually becoming a Union Church (with the Lutherans) his children were all raised in the Lutheran faith. Known as the "Elder".
Arrived on the ship DRAGON from Rotterdam 30 sep 1732-Pennsylvania.
Lived in Lancaster, PA 1750-1760. Arrived NC abt. 1759. In the Rowan Co deed books, the British Crown agent transfers to Jacob Byerly (Birer) 11 Dec 1761, 320 acres on Pounder's Form of Abbott's Creek (later Holly Grove.) The land was later part of the County Home property. The original settlers spoke only German, and many could not read or write. Their records were kept and written in German and the name appears as Beyrer. While in English it was recorded as Byarly, Bierly, etc. The attempts of the government official to anglicize the spoken names often resulted in gross errors. However, in the 1750 tax list, it was spelled Birely.

Jacob was a leader in the little German community, a member of the Reformed (German Presbyterian) Church, an overseer, and a constable in 1769. He owned a tavern (hostelery) on the main raod leading into Salisbury which was visited by government troops during the war of the Regulators in 1771. A tavern in those days was like a tourist home, meals and night's lodging were furnished for fees set by the court. John Jacob and his children were all members of the Lutheran Church of Pilgrim's and Beck's. There are numerous references in (A) family tradition that the original Rowan Co NC Byerly settlers came from "Pennsylvania-originally from Germany" In addition there are (B) published works that list numbers of other "German families who came fromm Pennsylvania" into the Piedmont section of NC. Among which are included the family of Jacob Byerly. Finally, the (C) immigration records of the Byerly's into America have been preserved and may be studied in Strassburger's three volume masterpiece Pennsylvania German Pioneers. These reveal that a number of Byerly's arrived between 1730 and 1774 and all were listed as coming from the Palatinate of Germany and some signed their names in old German Script.

There are many modern day deviations of the name Byerly as well as the number of irregular and erratic spellings that existed in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The original settlers spoke only German and many could neither read nor write. The representatives of the British Crown in 1761 selling land to Jacob Byerly misspelled his name three times: Birer, Berrer, Byrer, the last two being only two days apart on 28 and 29 Jan 1763. However his name was spelled Birely in the 1759 tax list. Martin Byerly in his will was spelled Byerry although when he earlier sold land, his name was spelled Byarly-Biarly. And in church records his name is spelled Beyrer. The tax lists spell the name Byrer in the 1768 and then years later spell it Byarly. The most conclusive proofs regarding the name and its spelling occur in deeds transferring and selling land. One classic example is in Book 17, page 337. It shows David Byerly selling 100 acres of land to William Frank, Jr. on 25 Feb 1799 in the course of which David's name is later spelled Bierly and which deed concludes "being part of a tract of land 320 acres granted to Jacob Bierly by a deed bearing the date 17 Apr 1772 and registered in Book No 7, page 460. Upon checking on finds the above Jacob's name spelled "Birer and Byrrer. Therefore the original Byerly: John Jacob Byerly being listed as a taxable in the earliest known Rowan County Tax List in 1759 received land in 1761-63 in Rowan Co. and the name was spelled variously Birer, Berrer and Byrer and at his death of one of his sons, Martin, received most or all of the land and his name was spelled Biarly, Byarly, Beyrer and Byerry. In the records that were kept and written in German the name appears a Beyrer while it is anglicized in written English records to Byarly, Bierly, etc. As the use of written German died out in 1830-40 so did the German spellings. The religious background of the Byerly family in NC is Christian and from known records Protestant. In the central Piedmont section of the state the two oldest Reformed-Lutheran Churches in "Old Rowan" Co. are the Lower Stone (Grace) and Pilgrim's (Leonard's) churches. The former is in present day Rowan County near Salisbury and the latter in present day Davidson County on a branch of Abbott's Creek just north of present day Lexington. Both of these churches were built before 1760. The Byerly family name appears in the records of both churches.

The graves of the original John Jacob Byerly and his wife, Mary Elizabeth, are at Beck's Church. After the great Methodist Revival from the 1800s onward, members of the family were persuaded to more informal and fundamentalist Methodist and Baptist churches.

The earliest known TAX LIST of Rowan Co. is for the year 1759 (Rowan was formed in 1753 fro Anson). On this list appears the name of John Byerly. In 1768 Jacob, Martin, and Phillip are listed. In 1728 David, Martin, Jacob and Phillip are listed with acreages. (Altogether the family had about two thousand acres.)

By 1784 (after the Revolution) the acreages had been decreased and Phillip was not listed. In 1789 David, Jaand Martin are listed as "old Taxables" after which the census records take over. From the Beyerly Forefathers June 1992 issue.
Parents: John George BYERLY and Anna Maria SCHAFERIN.

He was married to Mary Elizabeth in 1728/29 in Tambour, Germany. Children were: John Martin BYERLY, Phillip BYERLY, John Jacob BYERLY Sr., John David BYERLY, Mary Catherine BYERLY, Maria Barbara BYERLY.

bullet John Jacob BYERLY 4 was born on 8 Jan 1767. He died in 1846 in Pilgrims. Called the Younger or (Junior)
from THE BYERLY'S OF CAROLINA, vol 2: John was confirmed by the Rev John
Arends at Pilgrim's Church in 1783 along with John Walser, John Jacob
Lopp, John Miller, Christian Meyer, John Young, Phillip Kerr, and
Christian Everhardt. This Jacob Byerly's lineage is largely established
by a deed bearing the date of 20 sep 1817 (Book 24, page 381, Ref #62) in
which "I Jacob Byerly, son of Martin Byerly deceased, give to my son
George Byerly" a tract of land which is the same land defined by bordering
neighbors in Jacob Byerly's will of 1846 and is the same land that John
and Phillip sold to Jacob Byerly, Jr. in 1810 (Book 23, page 468).
Additionally in the 1800 census Margaret Byerly (widow of Martin) is on
page 351 and next to her is Jacob Byerly, Jr. Jacob Byerly, Sr. in 1800
was elsewhere (Q.V.) All of this by way of explanation that this John
Jacob Byerly the eldest son of John Martin Byerly was sometimes callled
Junior, meaning younger, in order to distinguish him from his uncle Jacob
married Elizabeth Grimes, thought to be a daughter of Gottlieb Grimes.
Jacob's will of 1846 names his wife, children, place of residence, attests
to his success as a farmer, shows that he maintained his forbears Lutheran
faith and gives his burying place. He died circa 1846 and is buried at
Pilgrim's Churchyard. Parents: John Martin BYERLY and Mary Catherine SPENGLER.

He was married to Elizabeth GRIMES in Holly Grove.

bullet John Martin BYERLY(54) was born in 1730 in Germany. He signed a will in 1794. Filed in May 1799 He died in 1799 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. He was buried in 1799 in Beck's Cemetery, Davidson Co., NC. He was christened in Lutheran. He has Ancestral File number 19H0-GL. John Martin BYERLY is thought to have been the oldest son of John Jacob
Byerly the Elder because of his appointment as administrator of his
father's estate at the latters death in 1771. Therefore he probably was
born in Germany before the emigration of his parents to PA. He was a
farmer and owned land on Abbots Creek in Rowan County. Martin is listed as
a taxable in 1768, 1778, 1784, and 1789 and appears in the first census of
1790 with his widow Margaret appearing in 1800. Martin was administrator
of his father's estate and received land on Abbotts Creek to which he
later added more. On 2 Feb 1773 Martin Byerly was appointed overseer of
roads from Abbots Creek to Lick Creek instead of William Frank. During the
Revolutionary War, Martin was cited 8 Aug 1778 on a register of persons
who refused or neglected to appear to take the oath of allegiance to the
state and who did not appear in court to render an excuse. John Martin
Byerly was a Lutheran and a member of Pilgrim's Church in which his
children were raised. From the Byerly Forefathers June 1992 issue,
Davidson Co., NC.
Will of Martin Byerly:
Book D, page 140: Will dated 22 Apr 1794 and probated 1794. Wife Margaret
to have all of my estate until the youngest child comes of age. Son Philip
to have 200 acres of homeplace if he maintains his mother, Youngest son
John to have the 300 adjoining acres. Daughter, Catherine to have L50
Younger children not named. Exrs: Jacob Capp and son Jacob Byerly. Wit:
John Lukenbill, Melchor Dorr, George Snider. From the Beyerly
Forefathers June 1992 issue., Davidson Co., NC.
John Martin Byerly, son of Jacob Byerly was the administor of his father's
estate. He was a farmer and owned land on Abbott's Creek. He died in 1799.
His son, Peter, was born in 1771 and died 2 Sep 1852. Peter Byerly was
married to Eva Frank first, then Polly Loman. In 1800 Peter moved from
Holly Grove to the Yadkin River. His will written in 1847, indicates that
he owned a large plantation with slaves. He gave Friendship Methodist
Church the land for their church and is buried in the church cemetery.

Found a John Birely (Byerly,etc.) on the 1759 Rowan Co., NC Tax list.
Don't know if it's this one or another John Byerly - I have several that
the dates would fit. Parents: John Jacob BYERLY I and Mary Elizabeth.

He was married to Mary Catherine SPENGLER on 2 May 1765. Children were: Catherine BYERLY 1, John Jacob BYERLY 4, Christina Barbara BYERLY, Peter BYERLY 1, Maria Barbara BYERLY, David BYERLY 2, Phillip BYERLY.

He was married to Anna Margaret EVERHARDT in 1778. Children were: Elizabeth BYERLY , Martin BYERLY 2, John BYERLY 1.

bullet Jonathan W. BYERLY Parents: Elias BYERLY and Celia TREAS.

Children were: Joseph Grant BYERLY .

bulletJoseph Grant BYERLY. Parents: Jonathan W. BYERLY and Nancy J. GREEN.

Children were: Orah May BYERLY.

bulletJulia Alice BYERLY (Private). Parents: Thomas Jefferson BYERLY and Nancy C. SMITH.

She was married to Harry Edwin BUNDY on 23 Sep 1931. Children were: Patricia Jane BUNDY, Nancy Anne BUNDY.

bullet Katherine BYERLY was born in 1718 in Bavaria, Germany. She died on 25 Mar 1786 in Northampton Co., PA. Parents: John George BYERLY and Anna Maria SCHAFERIN.

She was married to Count Conrad WALTMAN before 1738 in Bavaria, Germany. To: Asbernard

Got another chapter for you. Enjoy. Got on your GenWeb site the other nite. Very good job and informative. Cliff.


"They Believed the Scriptures." ---- John.ii,22

It has already been briefly told that Conrad Waltman in a fit of temporary insanity tore out the fly leaves out of the old Bible that came from Count Hiram von Frundsberg. This was the autumn of 1777.
His eight sons were in the Revolutionary War. Only his wife and two younger daughters, Anna Barbara and Maria, were at home. At that time the State was seething with war. Eight were fought on Pennsylvania soil, in three months' time, from September 3 to December 7, 1777. The American troops ran absolutely out of wadding, a necessity to the rifles of that day. Tow, hemp and paper were requisitioned by foraging parties sent out far and near. Church after church loyally turned their hymn-books over to the American troops. There are Pennsylvania records which tell that Captain Weitzel asked twice in 1777 for hemp for wadding before he could get any. Colonel Bertram Galbraith took from the press of the Mennonites at Ephrata,Pa., three cart loads of unbound Bibles. Shortly after on a similar occasion, in the neighbor state of New Jersey, occurred the incident related by Brete Harte in his poem of "Parson Caldwell."
It was in 1780 when Brete Harte's hero "gave them Watts." Over in Pennsylvania in the autumn of 1777, when the poorly equipped American army were fighting desperately against great odds, there was the same calamity, no wadding. Some one told the officers that there was a "crazy German" in Northampton County that had a whole roomful of books. That was Conrad Waltman. Officers and soldiers appeared and demanded the books in the name of the Continental Army. Of course the easily unbalanced fellow became excited. He carried out armful after armful of his mother's cherished books that had been sent to him after her death fifteen years before. Some of these books were very rare. He tore to pieces the venerable old Lutheran hymn-book, that was then over 100 years old.
Next followed the family Bible, 125 years old, and treasured because the last Count Frundsberg bought it, and because it had the old, old records of the family in it. Good Katherine begged the officers to not let it be destroyed. When they did nothing to stop him, she and her two strong-armed daughters tackled the madman and by sheer force took the Bible from him.
He gave a last fierce yank that tore the back loose, ripping out a V-shaped piece, and tore off a strip of the pig-skin binding from the back cover. He jerked out all of the fly leaves, back and front, and a dozen pages beside out of the front of the sacred book. The officers grabbed their arms full of papers and scraps, then fled. Those priceless records of hundreds of years, that could never be replaced, were fired away at the British.
Religiously the three women gathered up every scrap that was left. When the Bible came into the author's possession in July 1921, there were still three double leaves of the more than a hundred-year-old Lutheran hymn-book in the old Bible, Jacob Hottenstein's letter, and the dozen loose leaves torn out of the Bible. An expert repaired it, putting in a false inside back and attaching the old one to it, antiquating a piece of pigskin and inserting it in where the wedge had been torn out, and making it ready for another three hundred years.
During the repairs, safely hidden under the lining of the inside back cover, was found fragments of an old document that had doubtless been kept in the Bible, and had been torn to bits by Conrad in his frenzy. Poor Katherine had gathered every scrap she could find of what she knew was a most important document of settlement between Valentine Waltman and Count Hiram von Frundsberg, on the former becoming of age, April 9, 1699. She slipped in every scrap, some of them not over an inch in diameter. Then she pasted the lining back.
Out of eleven pieces only two matched. This shows something of what a good sized document it was. German experts deciphered enough to tell that it was an accounting with an heir that had come of age. Probably not over a fourth or fifth of the manuscript was left. Count Hiram showed a careful, methodical mind. Everything was shipshape, and his writing was plain, as a college man's writing should be, but often is not.
The letter of Jacob Hottenstein's has been referred to in Chapter IX. This Jacob Hottenstein was a prominent man in those days. He lived at a considerable distance from Allen Township, Conrad's home, in what was then Northampton County, but is now Luzerne. But the families visited each other. There was a congeniality between them. Jacob Hottenstein himself descended from a noble German family. Not long after the visit of the officers to Conrad's home, seeking material for wadding, and shortly after the visit of Baron DeKalb and Baron Steuben, a new misfortune visited the Waltman's.
Eight sons were in the Revolutionary War. William died in the service. A blow to the already distressed family. Then Frederick, fifer in another company, paid the supreme sacrifice, leaving a wife and three children. But the first of the three sons to sacrifice his life was the next to youngest son, Nicholas, a happy-dispositioned boy and a handsome young fellow, who lost his life in 1778. The other brothers, Frederick in 1779 and William in 1782, met their death.
Poor Conrad went stark, raving mad over Nicholas' death. He never was sane again, although he lived eighteen years longer, dying in 1796, aged 81. Faithful Katherine cared for him. After Andrew, the youngest child, returned from the war, he cared for him and her until their deaths. Katherine was broken-hearted over her husband's plight and the death of her three sons. Then it was that Jacob Hottenstein wrote that comforting letter, reminding her that "this world is full of trouble and sorrow, but he who puts his trust in the loving, living God will be sustained." This letter was such solace to her that she kept it in the Bible It was still there when the Bible came into the author's possession. {Lora LaMance}.
The question has been asked, who fell heir to that historic book? It was well understood that the Bible was to go to the oldest son's line. Probably that was Count Conrad's own request in his lucid hours. John Peter therefore should have been the next custodian. But he was not. The old man was a daily trial to care fore. Andrew, the youngest of all, did this, and did it cheerfully. Peter was the soul of generosity. When the father died in 1796 he insisted that Andrew was entitled to it above any other son, as he so faithfully cared for both parents. So Andrew kept it, and his bold autograph is seen on the inside cover of the front lid.
Andrew told his children that the Bible should next go to his oldest son, Valentine, the author's grandfather. But his wife, Anna Maria Margretta, thought differently. Valentine was a fine young man, that any mother might well have been proud of. The next son, Adam, was named for her own father. But her special favorite was the third son, Abraham. When the two oldest sons were married and in home of their own, Anna Maria Margretta took things into her own hands and gave the precious book to Abraham, giving as her excuse that he was "such a fine German scholar."
Abraham's line kept it until 1921, when the last owner of that book, Oscar Waltman of San Diego, California, for reasons that seemed good to him, restored it to the line of Valentine, "where we knew all of the time that by rights it belonged." Valentine left only daughters, of whom Kezia Waltman Nichols, the author's mother, was the oldest child. At the time the Bible changed hands, July 1921, there were but two of Kezia's children alive, Valentine Nichols, of San Jose, California, and Lora LaMance, the writer of this book. Valentine Nichols was as generous in his day as Peter Waltman was in his. He surrendered his rights to his sister, only asking that for six weeks he might have it in his possession. He studied it lovingly all of this time and then gave it up to her.

End Chapter X


A just man and perfect in his generation. Genesis,vi, 9

Valentine was born October 25, 1790, exactly fifty-two years after his grandfather landed in America. Nature was lavish with her gifts. He was fine looking, had high principles, sound judgment, and a quick brain. All of the family spoke English or German equally well. Valentine also wrote German easily and fluently. He was always a reader, and Countess Barbara®s books, the few that escaped Conrad®s frenzy in 1777, when he carried armloads of them out to the American troops to be used as wadding, had been read by him over and over.
Countess Barbara died in February, 1762. Count Conrad in 1796. Officially the family died in the eyes of German law. Great was the Waltman family®s surprise, therefore, along about September, 1811, to receive an official letter from the Bavarian Government, telling them that while the estate had lapsed to the crown upon her death, as Conrad put forth no claim to it, and was then a resident of a foreign land, the government had kept the estate intact as well as all the monies received from it for that half century. They had all of the time kept track of the possible claimants. The title had lapsed, as there were no legitimate heirs to a title. But if the family of Conrad Waltman, deceased, would bring clear proofs of their descent from Conrad Waltman and his morganatic wife, Katherine Bierly, and bring properly drawn up powers of attorney, the government was ready to turn over the estate and the large sum of money accrued to a representative of the family. Only, this must be done before the half century anniversary of her death. Upon that date, if no proper representative appeared, it would be turned over to the crown, and the heirs would be forever barred from receiving this property.
There was a great commotion. It appears that all of the brothers and sisters alive at the close of the Revolutionary War, were still living. They were not so old; but a trip to Germany in those days of slow sailing vessels that took two months to make the voyage, and if storms interfered, took sometimes four months, was considered as great an undertaking as it would now to go around the world. Every brother had some excuse or other. In family conclave it was settled to send Valentine the Younger. He would be 21, the 25th of October, was foot-loose and single. He prepared for the trip.
Michael2 was living in Maryland. Ludwig2 was in York County. The sisters, Katherine Hampshire,2 Eleanor Lutz2 and Margaret Yonce2 were living in Lancaster and Berks Counties. William,3 the son of William,2 was in Lycoming County. Frederick,3 the son of Frederick,2 and Nicholas,3 his brother, were living in a remote part of the state. Every one of those had to be visited and a power of attorney obtained from them for Valentine the Younger to act for them.
A fine broadcloth suit was made for the young man for best occasions together with a suit to travel in. Everything was made by hand in those days. Valentine had a little trunk made for the voyage. It was 24 inches long, 13 inches wide and 12 inches deep. It had thin iron bands at the edge and two brass bands around the center, riveted with broadheaded brass brads. On the lid was his initials, V. W., in closely placed brass tacks. It was lined with a small figured blue and white wall paper. It is now in the possession of his granddaughter, the author.
It had taken two months to get all of these powers of attorney and to get the other legal papers ready for him. It was now close to December. Just as he was all ready to start, the busybody got in his work Someone told Valentine that such and such of the heirs had said that they never expected to see him again. He would go over there, get all of that money and all of that property, and never come back. He would keep it. They had signed the agreement that he should have full authority to act for them, but he would be beyond their reach and they could not help themselves if he kept every cent.
Valentine was a pleasant man, and one that usually controlled himself well, but he did have in his veins some of that hot Spanish temper. In a rage he tore up every power of attorney, threw the pieces in the fire, and swore the only oath of his whole life. He said he®d be d----d if he would go! He used to say that his one swear word cost a fortune. The mischief was done. It was impossible to assemble all of those legal papers again from those widely scattered points and get them together in time for a voyage to Germany, where the family agent must be early in February, 1812. So perished the family fortune.

bullet Kathryn Anne BYERLY (Private). Parents: William Bernice BYERLY 2 and Dorothy ELMORE.

bullet Kelly Mason BYERLY Parents: Nathaniel Gaston BYERLY and Eliza Jane MASON.

bullet Lewis BYERLY was born on 21 Jan 1809 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. He died on 10 Apr 1874 in Washington County, IN. Parents: David BYERLY 2 and Mary (Polly) COOPER.

He was married to Drusilla HUFFSTULLER on 10 Jul 1828.

bullet Margaret (Peggy) BYERLY was born on 24 Feb 1816 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. She died in Floyd Co., IN. Parents: David BYERLY 2 and Mary (Polly) COOPER.

She was married to Isaiah William WATKINS on 29 Sep 1836 in Blount Co., IN.

bullet Margaret Elizabeth BYERLY was born in 1802. She resided in 1826 in Indiana. (55) She died on 26 Aug 1838 in Putnam County, IN. Parents: John Jacob BYERLY Sr. and Magdalena SUMMI.

bulletMargaret Louise BYERLY. Parents: Nathaniel Gaston BYERLY and Eliza Jane MASON.

bulletMaria Barbara BYERLY was born in 1755 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. She has Ancestral File number LVVQ-C1. Parents: John Jacob BYERLY I and Mary Elizabeth.

bullet Maria Barbara BYERLY was born on 12 Apr 1772. Parents: John Martin BYERLY and Mary Catherine SPENGLER .

She was married to William FRANK Jr. on 12 Nov 1796 in Rowan Co. North Carolina.

bullet Martha Victoria BYERLY was born on 9 Dec 1867. She died on 25 Jul 1944 in Advance, NC. If the age on tombstone is correct, she married at 16 (first marriage). She died of "cerebral hemorrage." She was buried on 27 Jul 1944 in Advance Baptist Church Cemetery, Advance, NC. Parents: Hiram BYERLY and Elkizabeth J. (Eliza) ZIMMERMAN .

She obtained a marriage license on 24 Oct 1887 in Davie County, NC.. Married by J.R. Williams, a Justice of the Peace at Hiram Byerly's residenceon 27 Oct 1887.
Witneses: Daniel Hobbs, Julius Hobbs, William Carter, Francis Carter, Pinkney Burton, all of Davie Co., NC. Signed by Geo W. Sheek, Register of Deeds
On marriage certificate her age is listed as 18-this would make her birth year 1869.
On marriage certificate his age is listed as 23 which from 1887 would make his birth date 1864. Maybe he lied on the marriage cert. so she wouldn't know she was marrying such an old man (30)!
Her name on marriage certificate is: Martha Victory Byerly. She was married to William Thomas BURTON on 27 Oct 1887. Children were: Rad Byerly BURTON, Clyde Thomas BURTON, Samuel Gaston BURTON 1, Ray Harmon BURTON, Maude BURTON, May Elizabeth BURTON, Lola BURTON, Bessie BURTON, J. Frank BURTON, Hugh Elmer BURTON, Travis Smithdeal BURTON, Edna BURTON.

She was married to Fritz HEGE on 23 Apr 1929 in Mocksville Baptist Parsonage, Davie Co., NC. She obtained a marriage license. After death of Elizabeth Byerly Hege and William Thomas Burton, Fritz Hege married Victoria Byerly Burton. Witnesses: H. L. Foster, Annie Foster, Mrs. W. B. Waff, a Missionary Baptist Minister united them in marriage at the Mocksville Baptist Parsonage in Mocksville, NC. E.D. James, Register of Deeds signed the Marriage Certificate.

bullet Martin BYERLY 1 was born between 1765 and 1770. He died between 1830 and 1840 in Flat Swamp Creek (Silver Valley & Cid). He resided Silver Valley in Davidson County, NC.(56) Parents: John Jacob BYERLY Sr. and Magdalena SUMMI.

Children were: Elias BYERLY.

bulletMartin BYERLY 2 was born on 15 Aug 1784. He died about 1865 in Holly Grove, Hamby's PO. Martin spent his life in the Holly Grove neighborhood of present Davidson Co., NC. He is listed as born between 1782-84 by his father, John Martin Byerly, in the Pilgrim Church Records. He is listed in the 1850 census of Davidson Co. with his wife Mary born 1789. She is possibly a second wife. He is listed as a farmer and the value of his property was $150.00. A son, Levi, is listed as a laborer. Martin's will was written in 1854 in which one of his sons (John) is dead. In 1860, Martin and his wife Molly (Mary) and daughter Mariah are living together on a farm valued at $200.00. they are in the Hamby's Creek Post Office. (This is near present day Holly Grove section and his descendants remained in the same area.) Some of his children were baptized Lutherans at Pilgrim Church. From the Byerly Forefathers June 1992 issue. Davidson Co., NC Will Abstrct of Martin Byerly: Book 2, Pages 331, 332-dated 2 Apr 1854 and proven Feb term 1866. Names wife, Magdalin; daughters: Sally, Dolly, Maria, and Eliza. Son-Simpson, John's heirs. Exer: Son, Simpson Byerly. Wit: Andrew Summy. A note on the original will says "The within will is not proven." Parents: John Martin BYERLY and Anna Margaret EVERHARDT .

bullet Martin BYERLY 3 was born on 18 Oct 1810 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. Parents: David BYERLY 2 and Mary (Polly) COOPER.

He was married to Elizabeth SEARS on 31 Mar 1830.

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